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What is Clairvoyance?


Clairvoyance means clear seeing. It’s the most discount voyance psychic ability and in our visual culture, it’s easy to develop. This psychic sense allows us to see energy and images that aren’t physically present. It’s an important way to get clarity about your life and the world around you.

When you’re clairvoyant, you can often feel the emotions of others and sometimes even their physical pain. This can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not prepared for it. The good news is, you can use this gift for guidance and manifesting if you know how to tap into it.

Exploring Past Lives through Clairvoyant Readings: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Being clairvoyant also gives you the ability to see spirit guides and in some cases, earthbound spirits. This can be a very scary experience, but with the right training, it’s very beneficial to have this ability. You can use it for clarity and guidance, as well as help others find what they’re looking for.

The word clairvoyant comes from the French words, clair (meaning “clear”) and voyance (meaning vision). This is a major psychic ability, which is part of the ESP family of abilities. It is an aspect of extrasensory perception and the sixth of the seven psychic senses.

People who are clairvoyant often have very vivid dreams and they’re very active in their eyes while they sleep. Their sight is much more sharp than most. They have the ability to tap into the collective knowledge of all souls and the universe.

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