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What Is a Tantra School?

Tantra School is an ultra-modern spiritual institution dedicated solely to the true tantric sciences. The founder, Dr. Amaresh Misra, was a yogi who studied and practiced yoga for two decades before inventing Tantra. He wanted to share with the world the secrets of Tantra and thus established a school. People from all over the world flock to Tantra schools to learn and practice the most advanced and unique form of spiritual exercise and discovery. To many this is akin to going on a treasure trail, wherein every stone is worth a mark, but to those who seek the truth, it is but a turning point. Find out – https://embodiedawakeningacademy.com

Fear? Not If You Use Tantra School The Right Way!

Tantra school was originally founded as a means for people to safely undergo Tantric rituals, which were initiated by Dr. Amaresh Misra. The primary objective of this school was to unify the forces of the universe in order for the practitioner to achieve a higher degree of spiritual awareness. Since ancient times, Tantra has been defined as an ideal way to investigate the secrets of the universe by means of a physical experience called “sadhana”, or spiritual realization. A Tantric teacher, while imparting his knowledge to a student, uses symbols, forms, meditation and mantras to bring about this spiritual realization.

Tantra school was a secret society that merged and harmonized the three schools of yoga: Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga and Hatha Yoga. Through the initiation of Dr. Amaresh Misra into its fold, the secrets of Tantra were revealed to the world. Tantric teachings are designed to help people reach the spiritual and emotional states called idea. The original aim was to unify and decipher the hidden mysteries of life and consciousness. Today, Tantra is one of the three schools of yoga that are recognized as legitimate tantra science.

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