Ak Shara Foundation Blog Is a Nesbit Appliance Right For You?

Is a Nesbit Appliance Right For You?

A nesbit appliance is an excellent alternative to fixed dental bridges and implants. It can be used to replace a single missing tooth, or even a full arch of teeth.

What is the most common denture?

At Finkbine Family Dentistry we have several options to replace missing teeth – a conventional metal framework partial, an acrylic-based partial, and the NESBIT.

The NESBIT is a small, custom-made appliance constructed from premium acrylic resin. It’s the size of a matchbook and snaps into place to fill in the gap left by a missing tooth.

It’s also one of the most cost effective replacements available. It is a more conservative process than a traditional denture, which means less tooth cutting and less bone drilling.

Using the latest technology our lab can fabricate a nesbit appliance within two visits. We’ll take an impression of your teeth to create a custom sized device.

There are many benefits to a nesbit appliance, such as improved chewing, speech and appearance. Despite this, it is important to recognize that they are not the right choice for every patient.

When it comes to the best option for you, the team at Finkbine Family Dentistry will provide all the facts and help you make an informed decision. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

The best way to determine if a nesbit is the right treatment option for you, is by asking yourself questions about your specific needs. You can find more information in the patient care section of our website.

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