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Invisalign Tips and Advice

Invisalign tips and advice

Getting started with Invisalign can be a bit daunting, but once you’ve gotten used to it, there are plenty of things you can do to make the process go smoothly. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite Invisalign tips and advice to help you out during your treatment.

Keep Your Aligners Safe

Ways to pick an Invisalign provider you’re not careful, aligners can become discolored or damaged by a variety of things. For example, tea, coffee, and soda can stain or tarnish them. Hot drinks can also warp the plastic, which may alter how your aligners fit and change how effective they are at straightening your smile.

How to Find the Right Invisalign Provider for Your Smile

One of the most important Invisalign tips and advice that we can give you is to be sure to clean your aligners every time you take them out or put them back in. This will prevent bacteria from growing, which can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

Practice Putting In Your Aligners and Taking Out Your Aligners

You’ll probably have to pop in and out of your aligners quite a few times when you’re wearing them, so be sure to practice with them as much as possible. This will make putting in your aligners and taking them out a breeze, and it’ll make the whole experience so much easier for you as well!

Listen to Your Orthodontist

Despite what you might think, not everyone needs to wear their aligners for the same amount of time. That’s because the length of treatment is highly dependent on your compliance with your orthodontist’s recommendations.

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