Ak Shara Foundation Blog Helical Piles – A Foundation Solution For a Wide Variety of Applications

Helical Piles – A Foundation Solution For a Wide Variety of Applications

Helical piles are a foundation solution for a wide variety of applications. Engineers can use them to repair and stabilize existing foundations, as well as support new structures and infrastructure projects. They are especially effective in areas with poor soil conditions or where existing foundations will be taking on increased loads. In addition, helical piles can be installed quickly and easily, saving time and money on site.

What is piers function?

Also known as screw piles, helical anchors, helical piers or helical bars, they are a versatile and environmentally friendly option for foundation construction. These foundations are specifically designed for each project and site, based on the available space, the soil conditions and the load-bearing requirements. Unlike traditional concrete foundations, they do not require curing and can be installed year-round, eliminating the need for downtime due to cold weather.

The key benefit for contractors working on a helical pile project is the ability to install the piles and add the structure right away. This saves significant time on the jobsite, especially when compared to other pile installation methods. Additionally, helical piles can be installed with minimal vibration, allowing construction to continue next to existing buildings without disturbing or damaging them.

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