Ak Shara Foundation Blog Choosing the Right Collar for Dress Shirts

Choosing the Right Collar for Dress Shirts

cutaway collar dress shirts

Choosing the right shirt collar can be like picking out a suit: it’s a matter of style, but it also has a lot to do with etiquette. That’s why it’s important to familiarize yourself with the various collar styles that are available, and how they work best with different outfits.

Straight Point Collar Dress Shirts

The straight point cutaway collar dress shirts , which was developed with the tie in mind, is an ideal choice for both formal and casual wear. It works with most tie knots and suits all lapel styles (peak, notch or shawl).

Upgrade Your Formal Wear with Cutaway Collar Dress Shirts: A Comprehensive Guide

The button-down collar, which was introduced in England during the 1800s to help polo players keep their collars in place, is now the least formal of the dress shirt options. It is secured to the shirt fabric by two small buttons, which makes it an easy option for casual suiting.

Cutaway Collar Dress Shirts

Our most widespread, the cutaway collar offers a bold look with wide, dramatic angles that make it a statement-maker. Its extreme distances between the points – 6″ or more – leave a large part of the collar band visible on either side of the tie.

Windsor Collars

Originally designed to match the wide Windsor knot made popular by the Duke of Windsor, the Windsor collar is a must-have in any British gentleman’s wardrobe. Its refined points and wide spread between them are a perfect complement to a traditional full or half Windsor knot.

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