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Benefits of Composite Decking

Composite Decking is a long-lasting, low-maintenance option that’s made to stand up to harsh weather and everyday use. It’s also environmentally friendly and offers a number of benefits over wood decking.

How much does a 12×12 composite deck cost?

It withstands harsh winters and the sun’s heat, without warping or rotting; it resists mold and mildew; it doesn’t splinter or crack.

Despite its durable nature, Composite Decking | Futurewood is lightweight and easy to handle. It’s also highly recyclable, reducing landfill waste.

The material is manufactured by mixing plastic with wood fibers, rice hulls or other fillers and chemical additives. A few companies make their products with no recycled content, but most use a mix of both virgin wood and reclaimed materials.

In addition to saving trees, composite decking is less prone to damage than traditional wood. New formulations, resilient caps and advanced technology deliver impressive resistance to scratches, fading, color change and more.

It’s easy to install; hidden fasteners disappear into the groove of the board.

Composite decking is a more affordable alternative to wood, and its lower maintenance costs will help offset the initial expense over time. It comes in a wide variety of colors, grains and sizes to help you create a look that’s perfect for your home.

There are four quality levels of composite decking. Each is different in the way it’s manufactured and the warranties it provides. Regardless of which one you choose, a well-designed composite deck will add value to your home and keep you enjoying the outdoors for years to come.

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